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Meet Clint – your expert host, guIdE, And owner of Umidingi

Clint is a born and bred Zimbabwean. He is also the owner of Umdingi Safaris. Having spent his childhood exploring and camping in the Zimbabwe wilderness with his canine companion, he was born to be an adventurer!

The Call of the Wild

  After working in Zimbabwe for most of his life, Clint spent some time in the United Kingdom with family. However, it was not long before Clint missed the call of the wild. He just did not feel at home in the 9 to 5 rat race of the city lifestyle. He missed the colourful hustle and bustle of Africa, and getting lost in nature. So, Clint returned to Zimbabwe to do what he was always meant to do! 

So, Clint returned to Zimbabwe to do what he was always meant to do!

After spending much of his working career in the safari industry, Clint had always thought about branching out on his own. He had enjoyed the team atmosphere and the amazing mentors that had supported him throughout his career but wanted to grow his own business. Clint wanted to be his own boss whilst focusing on wildlife conservation and giving back tot he local communities in his home country, Zimbabwe. In the midst of creating, his own business he met a lovely young woman who was traveling doing wildlife rehabilitation work that is now his teammate of this business and wife, Kelly. These two with the help of their team employees have now created a business that they love. 

And so, the rest is history!


Umidingi Vision

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Sharing Experiences

There’s nothing more exhilarating than experiencing Africa for yourself for the first time. And we thrive off of bringing that life-changing moment to our customers.

For us, the joy of Umdingi comes from seeing our customers exhilarated, inspired and humbled by the most beautiful place on planet Earth.

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“Promotion of Zimbabwe’s Diverse Natural Wonders as well as the People of Zimbabwe.”

The Tourism Industry within Zimbabwe let alone Southern and Eastern Africa is booming. People from all walks of life dream of one day visiting Africa, whether as a first timer or a veteran visitor. And they all want to experience the grandeur and fairytale that deepest Africa has to offer. However, we need to focus now more than ever on promoting ethical animal tourism. Africa is beautiful and it must be preserved – from the majestic wildlife to the warm local communities. So, we want to help our customers experience both in sustainable ways.

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Ecotourism with Umdingi

Wildlife conservation is possibly the most important concept right now in the Safari World. People and Conservation need to work together to make ethical animal tourism a reality. The conflict between Nature and Human Development on the African continent is an ongoing struggle. Having said this in Zimbabwe alone there is a huge push from the majority of the Safari Operators who are all doing incredible work with the communities with the aim that conservation will eventually be at the forefront of every community within Zimbabwe to save our heritage.