Staring out of the plane window, the sky was blue and the land was reddish brown with assorted colour leaves on trees and bushes. In a distance, a mist almost like rain was showing in a small section of what I expected to be the Zambezi River. The pilot got on the speaker and announced preparations for landing with saying, “Welcome to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe! I hope you enjoy your stay and travel again with us soon!” Walking off the plane there is an earthy, dusty smell everywhere… the smell of Africa.

Exiting the airport, I was welcomed by a crew of Zimbabweans with large smiles that were dancing and singing! Even now this crew of individuals still bring so much joy to our visitors and to us! Every time. These incredible people share such positive energy for guest arriving and leaving Victoria Falls. I am not Zimbabwean but I am married to a Zimbabwean.

Since April 2016, these enthusiastic entertainers have brought joy and smiles that get me excited for the continuous upcoming adventures that we get to share with our guest. Today, I begin with introducing ourselves and our business. Meet the Robertsons! Clint and Kelly Robertson to be exact! We are the owners of Umdingi Safaris. It is small two man show. That two man show includes us and our lovely team members.

Umdingi Safaris is a tour operation with a small African travel agency business on the side. Our clients arrive as strangers and leave as family. Furthermore, we love having the privilege of being part of our guests’ unforgettable African wilderness adventures. We hope you enjoy getting to know us and enjoy our adventures throughout our blogging.