How we began?

Umdingi Safaris story began in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, back in 2016. I was visiting for a student internship with Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, where I met Clint. Clint was doing some freelancing work with the wildlife trust as a guide while starting his own business, Umdingi Safaris. He was walking out of Roger Parry’s office and I was awe struck. Quietly I mentioned, “Gosh that is a good looking guy” to my now best friend. At that time, little did I know that we would run into each other a year later.

Clint left the company he was working for to start his own business. He was roughing it like a bachelor and living in storage closet with camping furniture as his office and home. A year later, I ran back into Clint while out with friends for an eventful evening. Some flirtatious banter was exchanged back and forth over coffee. During that flirtatious banter Clint mentioned that he was going to own his own business one day. Making a fool out of myself, I never thought that I would never see this handsome, young lad again.

Little did I know that our boss & mentor, Roger Parry had Clint set up as the guide to work with me in the bush doing some pangolin rehabilitation. After the pangolin rehabilitation, elephant collaring, and lion collaring adventures. This includes Roger Parry, acting like dad and almost feeding Clint to a pride of lions. Clint asked me out for an official date. Roger Parry’s matching making scheme took action, the rest is history!

7 years of memories later, we got married and became business partners where we have worked hard creating our business that shares both of our passions. We have been fortunate enough to have backpacked through Uganda to see Gorillas, camped and traveled other different parts of the World. Bushing adventures were started and still continue.

Stay tuned to the story of our first game drive vehicle…