Zimbabwe Birding

Zimbabwe Birding tours and wildlife trips with Umdingi

Birding tours and bird-watching with Umdingi

Zimbabwe boasts some of the most beautiful natural habitats for birds and other wildlife in the entire world. So, for those of you who feel at home with a pair of binoculars, our Zimbabwe birding tours really are a dream come true.

Authentic wilderness trips

And Zimbabwe is also home to over 700 species of birds, including the national bird of Zimbabwe, the majestic African fish eagle. Imagine the stillness of crouching in the stunning Zimbabwe wilderness, binoculars in-hand, waiting to spot the flit of a tiny wing – surrounded by the chattering of monkeys, hooting of owls and the cacophony of sounds from all of the wildlife species that call Zimbabwe their home.

Private, bespoke, authentic

You’ll set off with your own private birding tour guide either by land or water. (Why not make it both with our Umdingi multi-day trips?) And with our bespoke offerings, every experience on your trip is tailored to you. We don’t do generic or ‘off-the-shelf’ here at Umdingi!

Let us ask you some questions

Have you always dreamed of spotting the astounding African fish eagle in its natural habitat?
Are you a keen birdwatcher looking for the experience of a lifetime?
Do you want to experience the stunning Zimbabwe wilderness, listening to the roar of the lion and the cacophony of animal sounds whilst you birdwatch?

Meet your private birding tour guide

We only book small, exclusive trips here at Umdingi. So, you’ll have complete access to your own private birding tour guide. In most cases, you’ll be accompanied on your birding experience by the owner of Umdingi, Clint. Clint is a Zimbabwe local who grew up adventuring in the beautiful African wilderness. He’s an expert when it comes to local bird life, as well as plants, animals and local culture. He’s also there to host you, welcome you and help you enjoy Zimbabwe the way the locals do!

What’s included in our
Zimbabwe birding tours

What’s included in our Zimbabwe birding tours

Half-day, full day and multi-day trips available to suit your itinerary.
Half-day trips include one packed meal, plus snacks and beverages.
All trips include travel arrangements to and from your accommodation.

Multi-day trips come with accommodation included. We offer all-inclusive luxury camping under the stars, complete with hot showers and chef-cooked meals. 

We can also provide binoculars and birding books, however encourage you to bring your own.
You’ll be accompanied by an exclusive private birding guide.

Some things to note before your Zimbabwe birding experience

Your safety is our absolute priority. Although our focus will be on spotting birds, you will likely also come into contact with other Zimbabwe wildlife. So, your private guide is there to keep you safe and ensure you have an unforgettable experience.
Make sure to bring plenty of skin-cover – sunhats, long sleeves, sarongs etc. But bear in mind it will be very hot, so you should wear loose, flowing fabrics like cotton.
Bring a camera if you’d like, but please no flash.
Don’t wear any bright colours – stick to natural shades of brown, khaki, tan, grey and olive green.
When booking your Zimbabwe birding tour, you’ll video chat with Umdingi owner, Clint. Clint will get to know your needs and tailor the trip around you. He’ll also provide you with full information about how to prepare for your holiday. So, you can be sure you’re in safe hands!

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Zimbabwe Birding add-ons

All of our Zimbabwe birding trips are entirely bespoke here at Umdingi. So, you have plenty of options for adding more exciting experiences into your holiday.

If you’re looking to book more than a half-day experience, we recommend adding: