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Hire a Zimbabwean private tour guide to accompany you on your travels

Travel in style with a ZimbabweAN
private local tour guide

In addition to our thrill-seeking and cultural experiences here at Umdingi, we also offer a private tour guide service. You can hire a private Zimbabwean travel guide to accompany you on part of, or all of your trip. With private bookings and exclusive trips, you’ll be able to avoid the crowded tourist areas and experience Africa the way the Zimbabweans do.

All-inclusive service

But your local tour guide can do more than just accompany you. If you’d like, your guide can arrange and book all aspects of your trip – from accommodation, to travel, right down to the best places to eat authentic local cuisine.

And bear in mind, we offer entirely bespoke trips here at Umdingi. So, if you’re travelling further afield than Zimbabwe, we can still accommodate this. Get in touch with us today to book a local tour guide.

Meet Clint, your host and guide

Clint is an experienced, local Zimbabwe private tour guide and the owner of Umdingi. Having spent most of his life adventuring in the Zimbabwean wilderness and living in local communities, he’s an expert at introducing people from all over the world to the true, authentic Zimbabwe experience.

He’s also an excellent host. In fact, Clint hosts adventurers from all over the world. He plans all of the trips here at Umdingi, and he also attends most of them himself. So you’ll also benefit from his expert knowledge about Zimbabwean wildlife, culture and hidden gems.

What does booking a Zimbabwe travel guide include?

What does booking a Zimbabwe travel guide include?


You can hire one of our private tour guides for a half-day, full day or multi-day, multi-destination trip.


Your guide is there to keep you safe at all times and to provide expert knowledge on the local wildlife and surroundings.

Your private guide will video chat with you before you arrive to get to know you and your needs.
You can hire a local tour guide to accompany you on an existing itinerary, or you can ask our guides to create a bespoke trip based entirely around you!

Hire a Zimbabwean travel guide to show you around the local area – but bear in mind they can also accompany you to other African destinations.


Your guide can arrange all transport, accommodation and food – you can make the experience as all-inclusive as you like, or have some freedom to be more spontaneous.

Consider asking your private tour guide about
our Umdingi experiences

All of our trips are entirely bespoke here at Umdingi. So, you have plenty of options for adding more exciting experiences into your holiday.

If you’re looking to book more than a half-day experience, we recommend adding: