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At Umdingi Safaris, our mission is to provide exceptional and unforgettable safari experiences that immerse our guests
in the natural beauty, wildlife, and rich cultural heritage of Africa.

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of service, professionalism, and ethical practices, ensuring the well-being and conservation of the environment and local communities in which we operate. Through our expert guides, sustainable practices, and personalized itineraries, we strive to create transformative journeys that inspire a deep appreciation for nature, foster cultural understanding, and leave a positive impact on both our guests and the destinations we explore. Umdingi Safaris is dedicated to preserving Africa’s wildlife, supporting local communities, and sharing the wonders of this incredible continent with passionate adventurers from around the world.

“Umdingi Safaris is pure magic! From the captivating wildlife encounters to the commitment to conservation with camping under the stars, every moment felt extraordinary. We loved Clint and his lovely wife Kelly.  The accommodations were majestic, and the experience left me spellbound. If you’re ready to be enchanted by Africa’s wonders, I highly recommend Umdingi Safaris.”

“Umdingi Safaris provided an unforgettable experience! The knowledgeable guides, breathtaking wildlife encounters, and commitment to sustainability made it exceptional. The accommodations were superb, and the positive impact on local communities was inspiring. Food was incredible camping food. Alfred was a magician on the wood fire! Highly recommended for a once-in-a-lifetime African adventure!”