Umdingi Safaris

The African wilderness awaits.

 Umdingi Safaris provides bespoke African adventures.

Clint Robertson has the experience and knowledge to take you on an unforgettable safari into the Zimbabwean wilderness. Born and bred in Matabeleland, Clint and his team are able to offer entirely customised, unique safaris that will change your perspective of Africa forever.

Authentic Zimbabwean Safaris and Experiences

Our trips are authentic and raw, bringing you closer to nature than ever before.  Imagine sleeping under the stars, or sipping a cold beer on the banks of the majestic Zambezi River while listening to the sounds of the bush all around. Here at Umdingi, we bring you the ultimate in Zimbabwean safaris and trips – a true African-bush experience – whilst still enjoying the small luxuries that make a trip special.

Bespoke Means Something for Everyone

Whether you’re planning an activity for one afternoon, or wish for a two-week all-inclusive trip, we tailor every single one of our excursions to you and your interests. So, browse through the suggestions on our website and get in touch with us today. We’ll have a video chat; get to know what you’re looking for and then build your dream African Safari.

Safaris, experiences & activities

Browse through the suggestions below, bearing in mind that we offer entirely boutique trips here at Umdingi. Once you have an idea of what we offer, please get in touch with us to tailor-make your adventure.

life changing

Our trips are life-changing. You’ll be humbled by the friendliness of the people and awed by our country’s beauty. It’s truly unlike anything you might have thought.

true authenticity

We want you to experience Zimbabwe like the Zimbabweans. We only book small, exclusive trips. And as Umdingi is run by locals, we know where all the good stuff is hidden!

Back to Nature

Our specialty is luxury camping under the stars, and to do so in the African wilderness is an experience that is impossible to describe to those who have yet to experience it.

a boutique holiday

Everything we do at Umdingi is tailored to you. On our website, you’ll find example trips and itineraries, which you can use as a base to help us build your dream safari.