Africa travel during rainy season. October and November… we call them the suicide months. These months come with the joy of seeing some of the most fabulous game but the struggle of dry heat and exhaustion. Behind them come the rainy season with the hopes of good rains and beautiful crops for our local farming communities.

Due to climate change these days, we never know exactly when the rains come and go. The beginning of this rainy season had gone extremely well. Now towards the end of the rainy season due to Cyclone Freddy, it has come to be very dry, humid, and hot.
During the rainy season, our clientele slows down and we call this our off season. There are pros and cons to this time of the year. With rain comes new life… babies of all species. You’ll be driving through bush that was once red, dusty, and brown that now has turned bushy, lush green. For walking, it is a more cautious time because it is more difficult to know what’s behind the lush, green that you are walking into. You’ll never know what is behind the bushy, lush green because it is so dense unlike during dry season.

There are so many positives about the rainy season or what some people call green season. If you are not a birder now, you will be before the trip is over. There are many beautiful birds that you would commonly not see during other times of the year that you see during the rainy season in the wilderness.

Followed by beautiful birds, commonly babies are seen of all sorts. Just this last week, we saw a beautiful heard of 50 impala with their offspring frolicking and playing along the Zambezi River. Taking roads further into the park, we came across a baby giraffe (brand new) hiding in the green bush while the rest of the family was filling up on food.

With these sightings of bird life and other mammals, there are also many different beautiful insects. Southern Africa has roughly about 80,000 species of insects recorded. During rainy season, the most beautiful butterflies are seen throughout Zimbabwe and other southern Africa countries. You’ll see beetles that look like artwork.

Rainy season has so many special things to offer. And the biggest perk of all, it’s more personal and private because less guests come during the season. Yes, you will see less African game, but you will see game on an African Safari. The chances of rain are higher during this season, but it adds onto the stories and adventure.

Lastly, as for Victoria Falls. The rumble sounds of the falls from my experience seem to be louder during this time of the year. You can fall asleep listening to the sound of the Mighty Zambezi River going over the Falls in the evenings. You’ll see a cloud of mist just walking around town. Having seen all the big falls of the world… nothing competes with the magnificent Victoria Falls. You just need to come and experience the African wilderness for yourself!